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经济学 is the study of how societies organize to achieve their material wants. Key social institutions linked to the economy include private businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. 经济学 students gain an understanding of the complex functioning of a modern economy and the many important problems that can impact the lives of everyone. These problems include: unemployment, 通货膨胀, lack of economic growth, poverty and environmental degradation. Knowledge of the economy, combined with the analytical and quantitative skills gained, is highly desirable in any number of professional fields and is an excellent addition to other majors and minors like Business Administration, Public Administration, Urban and Regional Studies, Environmental Science and Global Studies. 经济学 is also one of the best majors for students preparing for law school or graduate school in business and public administration. 

Is 经济学 Right for Me?
经济学 students must be willing to apply skills to new situations, be practical thinkers, have enthusiasm and motivation, be looking for a career with variety and new challenges each day. 

Guidance at Every Turn
The 经济学 faculty is highly involved in the students' education, both inside and outside of the classroom. 学生 get the personal attention they need. You'll always have a helping hand.

What Will I Learn?
Student will gain knowledge of computers, statistical principles, basic economic principles & theory, the ability to solve problems using theory.


You could be a Actuary, 审计师, 银行职员, 债券交易员, 业务经理, 顾问, 成本分析, 信贷分析师, 人口统计学家, 经济学家, 房地产策划师, Financial Officer...



经济学 at UW-绿湾

UW-绿湾's Tom Nesslein

Meet Tom Nesslein

“经济学 is a challenging major, but the future benefits in terms of income and flexibility in the labor market greatly exceed the costs. A key indicator of this is that economics is the largest major at elite liberal arts institutions such as Amherst and Williams College, as well as many prestigious public universities such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Michigan.”
- Tom Nesslein, Assoc. Professor and Chair, 经济学 

Tom is also here to help! If you have any questions about the 经济学 program please 网上赌博网站十大排行!

Meet all our brilliant 经济学 professors.



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