Computer 程序ming

Computer Science is a field for students interested in technology, programming and problem-solving. 在威斯康星大学绿湾分校, Computer Science students gain a strong background in programming skills, also leave the program with holistic communication and presentation skills that prepares them for computer science careers. Computer science professionals are in high demand in Northeast Wisconsin. This provides UW-绿湾 students with outstanding internship opportunities, often leading to jobs before graduation.  If you are interested in the computer science field, UW-绿湾 could be the perfect fit for you.

Computer 课程

The goal of the Computer Science major is to provide students with a strong foundation on which they can continue to build as the field changes. 学生 can receive instruction in areas such as software design and project management, object-oriented programming, design of algorithms, operating systems, database management systems, 神经网络, computer graphics, network programming, 和更多的.

Declaring a Computer Science Major


Information Assurance and Security: Nazim Choudhury and Maruf Hossain
软件 Engineering: Iftekhar Anam and Tanim Ahsan
Computer Science students have multiple opportunities to become involved, such as the on-campus Data Security Center, the Google IgniteCS program, 和更多的.
Variety of 课程
Learn what you're interested in, whether it's software engineering, information security, video game development, mobile app development, 数据管理, 或更多的.
Endless Career Opportunities
研究生s from the UW-绿湾 Computer Science program have been hired at Google, Dynamic 软件 Inc., Frozen Codebase, Red Hat, 和更多的.

Become a Phoenix

UW-绿湾 has excellent teachers, 实习, research opportunities, a great record of placing students into jobs and graduate programs. 了解更多

What Will it 成本?
How Do I Get Started?

Computer Science at UW-绿湾


Further Information

More Than the Basics

Every UW-绿湾 Computer Science student gains the skills and abilities necessary to succeed in the field. In addition to technology and programming knowledge, students learn problem-solving skills, communication skills, 和更多的.



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